Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 17th D-day

I woke up this morning feeling a little emotional. I did not want to have an emotional day, I did not want to boo hoo my last moments with Declan away; But as I woke up I felt a little bit heavy in my heart. I reached for my phone so I could distract myself with Instagram and Facebook, and quickly found myself writing this post:

I allowed myself about five minutes to tear up, to get lost in my emotions, and then I told myself it was time to pull myself together and get on with our busy day. We had packing to finish, a few errands to still run, and a 4:45 deadline to get him checked in at the airport. The day passed very quickly. Jessie Bishop came by and brought Declan a sweet bag of things she wished she would have had when she went to the MTC (extra pens and pencils, post it notes, a 3 subject notebook, and some snacks). We finished all of the packing and before we headed out to run our errands Declan gave me a blessing. It was a beautiful blessing, and the tears that I had tried to dam up all day flowed free for a moment. As I hugged Declan I told him those were the only tears he would see from me that day. Quickly I dried them up and we headed out to finish up. First we went to walmart to get Declan's prescriptions. The pharmacy was closed of course. Declan wanted to get a voice recorder, so we looked there for one- no luck. We headed to Radio Shack next to look there for one- got it. Next we headed to the bank to make sure they had everything they needed to ensure Declan's debit card would still work in Chile over the next two years, and get a medical release notarized. Of course this would be the first time since I've lived here that I would have to sit and wait on someone to help me. We waited for at lest 20 minutes, and when we finally did get help we found out we needed to change him to a new kind of account. The woman that was helping us was so interested in what Declan was doing that it took her about 30 mins to get the accounts switched over because she just kept asking questions. I was starting to get a bit panicked because time was running out. We finally made it back to Walmart, and I ran in to quickly get Declan's prescriptions. Yeah right! They had forgotten to order in his stomach prescription and did not have any available. The one thing I have worried most about is Declan's stomach on his mission. Every day I made it a point to tell him several times to make sure he ate smart and kept his stomach in check. Now they had no stomach medicine for him!!!!! I had done so well with my emotions all day, and now I could feel them right on the edge. The pharmacist (who I have come to know all too well because of the insane about of medicines I have to pick up monthly) saw me and could tell I was flustered and came over to help me out. As I explained that I had to have Declan at the airport in an hour and a half, and there was no stomach medicine there for him to take, he quickly said they would get it fixed and went to work. Before long they had located some of the medicine (only 30 day worth instead of 90- but some is better than none) at a different store, gave me my other prescriptions for free because of their mix up, and had me on my way to the other pharmacy. When I got to the other store the medicine was waiting on me and I was in and out in minutes. The guy who helped me check out told me he knew Declan and that he was leaving that day to go on a mission trip to Chile. He told me he had been following it on his Facebook and wanted me to tell Declan good luck and he would be thinking of him. All of the sudden my panic faded away and the happiness of Declan's choice once again calmed me down. We had wanted to take Declan out for a steak before we left, but all of the hiccups in our day had caused us to run out of time, so we stopped by Freebird's and fed him a monster burrito for his last meal. And then we were on our way.


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