Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 17, 2014

well there is another week gone =) what an amazing and dificult week it was!

So this week was so awesome =) we worked so so so so so hard and we definitly saw blessings for the work! we had 2 baptisms yesterday =) an let me tell you we sure worked for them =p i think this week i walked and ran more than any other week in my life! we were going back and forth from house to house in totally different part of the ward bounderies to prepare everything for these baptisms. it was sop worth it though =) the 2 young women who were baptised are really awesome! and the the grandpa who baptised them too =) i have really enjoyed working with this family and i am really happoy that in this mission i get the chance to work with them after their baptism to help them prepare for the temple too =) we get the chance to work a lot with our retencion and i love it =)

this week was so amazing. i studied a lot in the book Jesus the christ this week for personal study. i love that book i learned so much about our savior this week. he was just a person like us. he wasnt born with the knowledge of his destiny or role in life. Through his own personal study and through revelation he found out what his destiny was. we all have role in this world and with studies and through revelation we can find out what our roles are. i would like to change you all this week to pray and ask what your role in life is. i know and promise that if you all do that you will learn about why you are here. you wont recieve all the information but you will find out something new about yourself and why you are here.

i know that i am here to serve this mission. i know that i am in the right placew and that this is part of my destiney here on the earth. i hope that you all know how much i love you and i hope you know how much god loves you too because it is way more than any of us canj even imagine =)

i hope you all have blessed weeks!

elder johnson =)

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