Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello all! i hope that you all had a fantastic week this week and i hope that you all have a fantastic week planned. needless too say i am super exited for my week. it will be awesome here =) from what i understand the christmas traditions are really pretty much the same here and in the states. i havent heard anyhing else.

so i have a ton of pics to send but still don thave a card reader to send pics so i cant send them... sorry im workig on it =p

This week was really good. it was a really spiritual week. i felt the spirit really strongly in a good amount of the lessons we had this week. ill ave my mom post on my blog what she did for us this cambio with the 25 days of christmas but i can honestly say that from that great idea she had we saw all kinds of miracles. it was so awesome. the peoples hearts here are really softening at this point in time. christmas is a time for miracles and we are sure seeing them here in santiago west mission. we had over 660 baptisms tis year and we saw an increase of more than 1000 people going to church every sunday in the asistance of the wards this year too. its been crazy.

i know that we are doing the lord work here and he really is blessing us so much. i hope that you all have amazing weeks this week and i hope you all have the chance to see christmas miracles

merry christmas!

elder johnson.

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