Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Q&A Session

1) what type of housing do the people in your area mainly live in? And what are they made of?

2) What type of housing do you live in?

the people here live in houses i think they are classified as houses) and apartments. what they are made out of depends on how much money they have =p there are wood and cemnent houses and possibly a cinder block or two. a lot of families share houses so i really am not sure what the average size livng space is for 1 family.... i live in a really nice neighborhood about 30 minutes outside of my area so my house is big and nice.

3) What type of food do you eat? do you have a cook? Do you eat with members? Do you cook? Do you eat at restaurants?
i eat a lot of beans and rice and potatoes. very little meat ( except for hot dogs. we get that more frequently) we have to cook breakfast and dinner ( if you want it). lunch is the really big meal here so we eat a ton fpr lunch and we never have to make that. people love to feed us lunch =p

4) Are there a lot of stray animals?
there are a lot of dogs and some cats. usually when you see a cat though it got caught by a dog and isnt living =p

5) Do people sell food on the street?

yes people sell food on the streets but they are usually things like wrapped candy and sopapillas they deep fry so i enjoy to eat this food =p

6) Does everyone have electricity? Running water? Gas? Sewer?

everyone has gas and running watter and sewers. there is one company that sells the gas. our gas is just a prpane tank that we hook up =p

7) How do you do your laundry?

i have a washing machine

8) How many missionaries live with you?

i live with one other companionship so 3 other missionaries

9) How far is the church from your home?

umm the church is like a 30 min walk. it takes us about 20 minutes to get to our zone and then 10 more to get to the church

10) Is it starting to get warmer? Is it starting to seem like spring?

chile is a lot like texas... you never know how the weather is going to be. it will be hot one day and then freezing the next!

11) What is the biggest difference you see between the way people live there and the way people live in the us?

there are a lot of huge differences... the economy is one thing. the coutry is basically owned by 4 families. everyone else is pretty poor but they are all have and content with what they have. they dont always need the newest things. they make what they have work.

12) What is the biggest similarity you see between the way the people live there and the way people live in the us?

haha people are still people so i guess the similarities are just natural in people =p there are a lot of similarities. boys will always be boys and girls will always be girls =p


13) what is the strangest thing you have eaten so far?
ummm the strangest thing was chicken hearts. they arent bad... just weird

14) what food do you miss the most?
i miss a lot of food =p candy. i really actualy dont miss meat much... its weird =p


15) Have you worn all of your ties ;) ? (Declan to about 40 ties on his mission with him)
hahah yes i have =p

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