Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22,2014


hello everyone! i hope you are all doing really well!!!!

i had a really good week. 9/18 is chilean independence day and it is also their biggest holiday. it was a lot of fun! we had a party in the chyrch with the people in our ward. i got to fly my kites =) of... i dont know if ive told you all about kites... well here in chile they have a tradition of flying kites. it is huge! almost everyone here knows how to do it and about 75% of ther people who are at home during the day are outside flying these things all day. it is huge. so me (being the person that i am) decided that i really wanted to fly these things and i was going to like it and do it no matter what. i have like 8 kites ( their are about 50 cents each) and i have basically a giant fly fishing real of string i can use to fly them. the kites are called volentines and people fight them in the streets. you can try and cut another persons line with your line. its a little competition =p so yeah i have a bunch and i really like flying them.

i also ate a ton of empenadas. empenadas are the fiest food of choice here. so i ate about 9 on the 18th and almost every house we went to that day gave us some to take home . it was awesome.

i am doing really well. elder balarezo has helped me a lot. this was a super tough week for me for some reason. he is helping me to see what really matters in a mission though and he is helping me make every week better. the lord knows who we need in our lives and he will put those people there when we need them.

i love you all and i hope you have blessed weeks!!!

(*I had asked Declan several weeks ago to be thinking of some Christmas ideas as I would have to be sending Christams out early in order to get it to him on time. He has taken a couple weeks to think about it and I thought his response was a little humerous. As you can see, he is the same old Declan:)

{i have been thinking about this a little because it takes about a month to send stuff... but i dont really need anything. i would like a few things though.

1 a small nice just book of mormon in english

2 a small nice just new testimate in english

3 the approved missionary library books

4 sudoku or other puzzles i can do to keep my brain more active

5 a more advanced algebra work book and other math books i can use too

thanks!!!! i love you!}

Seriously- who else asks for a math book????? I love it!!!!!!)

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  1. HAHAHA! I love that he asked for a math book. That is just great.