Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 2, 2014

¡bienvenidos a paraíso!

hello everyone! this week i had transfers!!! i now live and prosolite in...................... San Antonio aka the coast!!! im so happy to be here =) my new companion is elder despain and he is from utah! so yes i have my first gringo companion but dont worry we basically only have talked in spanish =P so yeah i now live in the coast. it is so beautiful. the weather is so nice too. right now in my old sector it is about 33 degrees celcius but here it is about 23 =) it is sooo nice. i love it! im not dying from the heat =p so yeah i am super excited to be here and help the people here. the church in this sector is a lot more organized. we have a lot more help here than we did in my old sector. there is a lot of potencial and i can already tell that we are going to find and help amazing people here =) the people in the streets here a lot more friendly too =P

so yesterday was super cfrazy and it took us almost all of pday to get here so that is why im writing now. we didnt change pday or anything, it was just impossible to write yesterday so i get the chance to do it today. so yeah that is my life right now =) i love my mission and i am excited to writew more about here and let you all in on paradise here in san antonio =) i love you all and hope that you all have blessed weeks =) ill send pics next week!

love elder johnson

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