Sunday, December 21, 2014

December15, 2014

Holly Hills

Hello all, how are you? I am doing really well here in San Antonio! this week was really good. i had a ton of splits!!! i was on splits 3 days this week. it was really good and i loved to get to visit other sectors but i really like being with my companion in my sector. i get along really well with elder despain. we have a lot of fun here. we do work hard though and we are seeing results =)

so this area(the coast) is all hills. my sector is small and relatively flat in comparrison to other areas i was in this week. im gonna loose sooo much weight wlkingup and down these things!

Thank you everyone that wrote me a christmas letter ive been loving reacing them all! they make me so happy when i read them =) i hope you all can send some more every once and a while!

so i finish my first 6 onths this week =) woohoO!!!! its flying!

i hope you all have amazing weeks!!!

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