Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Week.... something =p

Hello everyone!!!!! i hope you all have had amazing weeks!

This week was really good!!! it wasnt as eventful as others but it was still really good!!!! i dont really have much time to write today though so this is going to be brief.

so this week i had devisions again! i get to go on deevisions a lot because my companion is the district leader. i really liked where i went and i love divisions. i get to see how other groups of missionaries teach and steal there good teaching techniques and use them in my lessons =p we didnt really teach a bunch, most of the day was contacting, but we did teach a brand new investigator and i commited her to read the BOM, go to church, pray, and be baptised all in one lesson so that was cool!

yesterday we had about 51 people at church. that might not seem like a lot bot my first week here we had about 34. we are finding a lot of people that are interested in the church. we are also working with a lot of less actives and helping them assist the church.

today i had my first transfer meeting... kind of. we really just said goodbye to a bunch of people that are going home in a special change to get home in time for school... i think thats what it was. but it was cool seeing them. we watched videos of them from the first couple weeks here and the last. its crazy how much people change!!! it was way cool though!

I love you all!!!! im sorry i dont have more time. the transfer meeting took a long time. i just want you to all know im doing really well and i love the work! i love this church and i love the gospel!!! I know this church is true. i know that joseph smith was and is a prophet. i love you all! please have blessed weeks!!!

elder johnson =)

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