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Monday, July 11, 2014

One more done! it sure did fly!!!

wow i can believe it is already pday again... that went by soooo quickly! i feel like i blink and my week is already gone!

sooooo this week had some pretty big highs and some lows too... but i loved every moment of it. first off i just want to say congratulations to margo and jim. i am so happy yall were able to make it to the temple and seal your family together for eternity. that is the reason i am out here. to help famileis do exactly that.

soo this week. hmmmm. where to start. ok so in chile all heating in the house runs on gas. well we ran out of gas. that means we had no hot water or heater in our house. we didnt have gas for about 10 days. those 10 days just happened to be the coldest 10 days ive had since ive been here =p it was sooo cold and crazy! we showered with water we boiled in an electric tea pot. it was pretty funny. about 2 days ago we got gas back! so we were all extremely thankful and happy. and it only cost us $300 =p

so we taught abouth 40 lessons this week. we got 8 new investigators. it was pretty awesome! we had about 4 inverstigators at church with us and an inactive man named paul with us too. it was nice. we have two sets of missionaries in our ward. this week the missionaries brought 1/6 of the people who were attending sacrament. there is a ton of work to do here. we have about 35 active people in the ward. our area has about 1000... yes 1000 inactive members. so yeah a lot of work. the other missionaries are about the same. it is really hard. chileans are stubborn =p they dont like to change their ways =p so yeah it is hard. one of my favorite people we teach is inactive. he has been a membor for about a year and he is pretty inactive. it breaks my heart but all we can do is keep providing him with spiritual experiences that will strengthen his testimoney. he loves to help us teach so hopefully that will help a little. its just hard with everyone. we have one awesome investigator named osvaldo. we thought he was gonna be super easy. he is just prepared. he believes everything we teach and he prays and reads every day. hes awesome. well we saw him again after church yesterday... he could barely walk straight. he was drunk... he went straight from sacrament to the bar so we are gonna have to help him with that =p its all hard but so worth it.

right now we are really trying to provide members with spitçritual experiences that will revamp their testimoney.... we do a lot of fhes. we are also trying to help guide our leaders in the right direction. our bishop is really excited (thats the best word in english i can think of =p) to have baptisms buttttt he wants to baptize children. only children. not their families too. so we have to help him a little get things back on track there =p and our ward mission leader is inactive so we have to help him too. its a lot of work but we are doing it.

this week has been so amazing though. there have been times where i have felt the spirit so strongly prompting me to say something. and when i say it it is so powerful and in perfect spanish! but after i say it im back to my broken spanish =p haha its pretty funny. but the spirit is amazing. it is so powerful. i love being a tool in the lords hands.

alrightr i have very little time left so i will tell you all about my new favorite scripture hero. I love the book of Enos. it is very short but sooo powerful. i have spent the last 2 or 3 days studying it in personal study. its so amazing. first off he had so much faith. he prayed so hard. he describes his prayer as a fight multiple times. he prays sooo hard. and for a long time. all day. he prayed so hard that the lord forgave him instantly. he also had enough faith that he could hear the lords voice. but the impressive thing is that the first thought that came to his head after he had been forgivem was that he hopes the lamanites can be forgiven too. his first thoughts were for his worst enemies. he wanted them to have the same oppertunities he did. he loved them so much. he even covenanted with the lord to save their race and the records of his people so one day they could be brought to god. that is crazy to me. i am trying to live my life like him. when i get frusterated with someone im trying to think of enos and the way he would react. it has helped a lot.

i know this church is true and i know that with the help of god we have the power to do all. i love this gospel. and i love you all!

have a blessed week!


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