Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 4, 2014

I made it through week one!!!

Hello everyone!!!

how are you all? i am awesome!!! i have so much to say!!

first i have some buisness. send all letters and packagaes to my mission home. i will have my mom pu the address into the blog. and when you send packages only send them through usps. it is a lot more reliable and easier for my mission president. lable the ackage as mission supplies. nothing else if you do that is is a lot more likely to get to me.

ok now that is out of the way. I am great! i love it here so mich. i am in the ochagavia zone in my mission. it is the most ghetto but it is good =p my area is called diagonal. the people here are so nice. life is just simple here. i wish you all could see it. i cant use my camera in the streets. if i did that id get robbed =p but yeah its just simple. most people work from little shops in their house. its really cool. i love it.

i love the food here. we eat a lot of hot dogs, mashed potatoes, rice, and we drink a ton of coke. seriously a ton of coke. have you ever seen a 4 liter thing of coke? i have. i didnt even know they exist!!!! i also love to drink echo and matte. echo is like coffee but made from wheat and matte is a drink made from herbs. they are both big here wit he people and missionaries =p

my companion is awesome. his name is elder balarezo. he is from peru. he lived in italy for a long time though so he says his italian is better than his spanish =p he speaks really good spanish italian (im assuming) and english. i like him a lot.

so some of you might have seen my picture i took with my new companion and notyiced that my hair is really short... well there is a story behind that. in the ccm i was the designated barber. one night one of the elders tried to cut his own hair and it looked terrible... so i fixed it and it looked pretty good so i was n chargen of haircuts. i cut elder mertz hair one night and then the next i cut elder ballards. after each haircut i got better and better so i decided i could give mysel a haircut... i went and did the sides. they were pretty good. i had another elder clean them up for me (elder allen) i then cut the top. it was going pretty well for a while... but then i messed up. i accidently trimmed the front way short... like way sghort. i was using clippers so i have no idea how it got so short but it did. so yeah i was sad. i had to take my hair down to a 4 on the top to get it all even. i learned 2 lessons, 1 never cut your own hair, and 2 i look terrible with short hair =p

i love being out here. i love teaching too. it is kind of hard though. i have a really hard time understanding chileans. they talk really fast and mumble. im never 100% sure if what i am saying is a reply to what they just said =p im getting better though. im always exhausted by the end of the day because i have to translate in my head but its getting easier each day.

so yes i am in the mist ghetto zone in the west. my area isnt the worst but it is one of the worst. I loeve it though. i have never once felt in danger. the lord is prtecting me. the people who live here in the flite (what they call the ghetto <i probably spelt it way wrong>) are all so humble. they are pretty easy to teach. they know the truth once they hear it.

the ward is small. there are like 1000 members in the records for the area and like 30 are active. so yeah there is a lot of reactivation work. but there are also a lot of people here who havent ever been a member of the church. we teach a huge mix of both. right now we have about 6 investigators with baptism dates. hopefully we will have more next week! my first baptism is the 16 th =)

i just want to end the letter with a testimoney. i know this church is true. with all my heart. i know it can change lives. i have seen it already in my investigators and myself. it really can. i love the book of mormon. i love reading it and studying it. i love missionary work. there are so many good people in the world even in scary places. there is a way to everyones heart, it is our duty to find that way.

i love you all! hae a good week for me! i cant wait to hear from you all! have a blessed week!

love, elder johnson

(Here are a few extras that Declan shared in some other notes:)

i am currently in a persons house/store typing!!

i am awesome!! i love it out here!!! the people live such a simple life. everyone is so nice. i love my companion. im getting the language, slowly. its amazing!!!

in the field my pday is 6 hours. i have as many hours from that 6 to write as i want.

(About his hair:) haha its weird =p i dont like it too much but it works for here. ive never seen myself with hair this short so it was a shocker =p

(When asked if he was tall out there, and told that in his picture there was something about his companion that reminded his dad and mom of his good friend Nic Mower)

haha yeah im kind of tall. not relly though. my companion is peruvian. and his name is nicolas!

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