Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 15, 2014

Hello all!

i hope you all had amazing weeks. mine was spectacular. it flew bye so quickly though! it was unreal. the longer im in the ccm the faster the weeks seem to go. co

Im doing really well. i might be sick and congested but im going strong!

so not a lot went on this week. i honestly have no clue what happened on which day. the whole week was just a blur. sunday was the only distinct day i remember. i just love sundays here. they are so amazing. i am able to feel the spirit sooo strongly. and i have had multiple prayers answered each sunday i have been here. its amazing.

im slowly becoming a better teacher. its super interesting being in a 3 man companionship. lessons are kind of hard because all of us have so much we want to share but we are figuring it out. i feel like i can cotribute a lot more in our discussions. i might not now much spanish but i can get my point across =p

so i just want to share a quick message with you all. ai know that the true church has been restored on the earth today. i know that the church was restored through joseph smith. the church is the church of jesus christ of latterday saints and it has all the power and authority that the church established by christ himself. the gospel is true. i love this church and i love the book of mormon.

have a blesseed week everyone and dont forget to thank the lord for all he has blessed you with.

p.s. i survived a small earthquake. i didnt feel anything but i heard it. it was funny

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