Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014

The new MTC Group
The new MTC Group
Hi everyone! i hope you are all having amazing weeks! mine have been flying bye!!! it feels like just 10 minutes ago was last sunday. its been so crazy!

My district
My district

this week we switched teachers. i thought i loved my last teachers but these ones are sooo awesome!!! we talk in a lot more spanish in these classes. the language is coming. its by no means coming fast but its slowly coming.

so i just want to share one of my testimoney this week. i know that god is there. ive had my doubts in the past but after this week i have no doubt in my mind that he is. i have seen his hand in my life like crazy. i also know that when we pray we are talking directly to him. he also knows each one of us individually. this week has been kind of hard for me. i was struggling. i wanted to know why this had to be so hard. i felt like i had already given up so much to be here so why did it have to be so hard to learn spanish and to teach investigators. i bore my heart out to god and the next day in church we had a lesson about why this was so hard and why it is important for us to have challenges in life. it was so crazy. he answered my prayer almost immedietly. i also know that this church is true. this is the true church and it is the restored church of jesus christ. i know that the book of mormon is true. im reading it in spanish right now. though i dont understand a lot of it i have never felt its truthfulness more than i have these past 3 weeks. if you take time to really read and pray and ponder about it you will know of its truthfullness too. i love this gospel and this mission i have the oppertunity to serve.

i also love all of you. i hope that you all have blessed weeks and i hope you all know that through god all is possible.

The house I live in (this was Andrew's Mission home when he was on his mission)
The house I live in (this was Andrew's mission home when he was on his mission)



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