Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 23, 2014

Hi everyone! i hope youve all had amazing weeks! mine was sooo amazing.

i have a lot to say and only 30 min to type it so im gonna get straight to it. this week was amazing!! sunday was awesome but it wasnt as amazing as other weeks. i had a ton of fun but it wasnt as spiritual for me but that is probably because i did it all in spanish and didnt understand it all.

2 days ago one of the elders that is in my group went home so one of my companions was transfered over to be with the companion that got left behind. now my only companion is elder ballard.

yesterday was actually the most spiritual nday ive ever had in my life though. for the first time since i have been here i really felt like a missionary. it was really cool.

so every day we teach progresive investigators. yesterday we taught an investigator named iris. she was born in the catholic church but was never really active and she didnt feel like she had a relationship with god and she felt like she had never felt gods love before. we prepared our lesson yesterday on faith. we were going to explain that through faith we can develope a relationship with god and feel his love. we also had the scripture ether 12:12 to share with her. as we prepared we prayed and planned diligently for her and for our teacher. i had also been praying to have the spirit more strongly in my lessons and to be able to see my investigators through gods eyes and feel his love for the investigators.

we got in the lesson and began our lesson. it was our first lesson with 2 people instead of 3 so i thought it was gonna be weird. it wasnt. it felt so natural. i was calm and so was elder ballard. we just talked with her a little bit and then began our lesson. we explained what faith was and how we gain it. elder ballard then shared a personal experience and then we shared the scripture. she read it and while she read it her whole countanence changed. it was visible. i then asked her how she felt when she read the scripture ( i was feeling the spirit sooo strongly and i knew she was too) she then explained to us some of the trials she had been going through and how the scripture helped her so much. it changed her attitude about many things. we then asked her to be baptised and without hesitation she said yes. we then bore our testimonies and ended with a prayer.

after the lesson ended the spirit was still really strong. she then explained that everything she had said after we had her read the scripture was her talking and not the investigator. she had been having htose struggles and she had been praying for help. for the first time since i have been on my misssion i was really genualy a tool in the lords hands. i really helped her. we answered her prayers and we helped her come closer to the lord. it was awesome. at the same time my prayers were answered because i was able to feel the love god has for her, feel the spirit and see her through gods eyes.

this is an amazing work im doing here. this is an amazing gospel. god is amazzing. i love this church and i know with all my heart that it is true. i know god loves us all and i know that he answers our prayers.

thank you everyone for reading this and keeping up with me. i love you all and i hope you all have a blessed week.

Love elder johnson

(For verification I asked Declan if he was teaching a real investigator or a fake one. His response):

It was a fake one. the teacher was pretending to be an invesigator she taught.

also today i am going to go prosolite for the first time and then on friday i go on splits so yeah... pray for me =p


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