Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MTC Question & Answers (July 23, 2014)

1. What does your typical day's schedule look like?

i wake up at 7 and eat, excercise and have personal study and get ready then i go to the ccm at 9:45. i then sit in a class for 12 hours and then go back home. it is my last week here though. i go to the field next tueday.

2. Do you get a full day for P-day?

we get 3 hour pdays

3. Do you get to play soccer?

no we play volleyball ping pong or basketball every morning.

4. What do you do to work out?

we run for 15 min then play sports.

5. What is your favorite thing that they are feeding you?

i love the chorizo. it is a sausage they give us almost every day. i eat empenadas from a little shack on pdays.

6. Do all of the MTC missionaries live in the same house?

no some of the mtc missionaries live in the dorms here at the ccm

7. Are there any natives in the MTC with you?

yes there are. they are hilarious. i love the peruvians

8. Are you learning the language?

i am definitely learning a ton. the gift of tongues is so real

9. Are you having fun?

i am having a blast but im ready for the field

10. What do you do on your down time for fun?

we dont have any down time

11. What is it about your companions that makes you like them so much?

we just get along really well. they are both awesome guys

12. What are you most excited about when you get in the field?

i cant wait to teach real investigators and try to talk to chileans

13. What are you most nervous about when you get in the field?

speaking to chileans and teaching =p

14. What food item do you miss most from home?

ummmm i havent really missed many food items yet... you can get most of it here.. just for like tripple the price

15. How many times have you gotten to go to the temple?

ive been 3 times. the last time was cool because i did work for a guy named andrew webb.


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