Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

Another Week!


so i really dont have a ton of time. this is the last week in the transfer so we are rushing to do a bunch of stuff because it is very likely my companion will be transfered. but just a fast recap of the week, we didnt have any baptisms, we postponed the dates for another 2 weeks just to get them prepared fully. it is a lot better this way. umm we are teaching like 50 people right now, less actives and investigators but we are about to drop a bunch of people who arent preogressing. i hate this part of the mision but it has to be done... we have 8people with baptism dates right now. it is pretty awesome. we are working really hard with all of them! It is a lot of fun but challenging at the same time because each fam has their own needs. we are figuring it out though =)

so i really have to hurry so i am going to just tell you all my testimoney. i know that this is the true church. it is an amazing thruth. we have the oppertunity to recieve all that god has for us if we choose it. god is amazing and he loves every one of us so much. we are all so special to him. i can feel that about everyone of my investigators. i know it is true for all of you too.

i love you all too and i hope that you have a really good week!!!

love elder johnson!

( I have been giving Declan a hard time for not sending me any pictures. Here is his response to my harassment:

{ haha i know i need to send more... i will try to take more. im just scarded i will get robbed or somethig but ill do more.

the next week i will do better about pics! ill actualy take some in the week =p }

You heard it from the horse's mouth, we will see if we get some ;) If next week is transfers I have a feeling it could be a short email week so it could be a couple weeks before we get a good letter and/or pictures though. This week marked the one year mark for one of Declan's best friends, Nic Mower, in the mission field in Spain, so I thought I would post a picture of him that he sent me this week. We love our Texas missionaries <3 )


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