Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Wow what an amazing weekend!!!

Does everyone feel spíritually recharged this week? i sure do!!!

Conference was sooo amazing! seriously that was a huge blessing in my life. i hope you all recieved answers to your prayers. i sure did. this week i would like to share some of my impressions from conference. i hope that is ok =)

1) Jesus died so we can forget our past guilt, mistakes and pain. The atonement is the greatest act of love that we will ever know. he SUFFERED so that we dont have to. Give him your sins because he has his arms wide open and he is ready to accept not only them but you as well.

2) it takes extreme courage to take on trials but an infinite amount more to turn down men. We need to get on our knees and ask for help because only god can give us the courage that we need to take on the world. he wants to help us. all we have to do is ask.

3) prayer is not something that we should do only 1 or 2 times a day. we should pray constantly. god wants to hear everything about our lives. the boring and the eventful. we should pray to him always and tell him everything. our doubts, our fears, and what we pray for will be made strong.

4) god is the same today yesterday and forever. His standards will never change. we experience apostacy when we lower his standards to the standards of men

5) Our faith will affect others more than we will ever know. through our faith others will find the inspiration that they need to keep on going.

6) Christ died not to save us but to offer us repentence. it is our job to take him up on that offer and repent.

7) God will never force us to do something. we will always have our gift of choice. we recieve blessings when we choose to follow him.

8) All of us have the oppertunity to recieve personal revelation. if we have faith, the intent to follow up on our answers and a pure heart then we will recieve reveltion through prayer, scriptures and church. its impotrtant we pray read scripturtes and go to church because we never know where the revelation will come from. the first step to revelation is to pray and ask for it.

9) Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of god. He will never mislead us. he is here for us. it is our choice if we will listen to his words and improve our lives.

10) Jesus is the christ and redemer of the world. his death for us is the most important event in history. without him we have no hope or fuure. we have him though. that means that the world is ours. we just have to choose to take it.

I love you all. i hope my thoughts about the first session of conference help you out and make you feel like they make me feel. i love you all and i hope you have blessed weeks.

Love Elder Johnson

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