Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

Well another week past and gone!

I don´t thint that i will ever stop commenting about how fast these weeks go because they seriously fly.....

so this week i got really sick... i had my first sick day. let me tell ya... they are terrible =p and then my companion got the same virus so we had another sick day... i really like to be out working =p but i did get the chance to listen to some really good church talks!!!! once again if you havent listened to the conference talk from this last conference i recomend it =p also if you have never gone back and listened to old talks i recomend that too!! ytou can find all of the talks since 1975 on the church website!

correctrion 1971!!! im starting there this week and im gonna try and listen to them all in 1 week! (P.S. If you have favorite conference talks from history let me know. ill have my mom send me the replies, or you can send me the talk names and ill listen to them! my email is declan.johnson(at)myldsmail.net)

so this week i also started to pray for the oppertunity to see miricales in my life every day. ill tell you about 2:

1) the wife of our missionary leader in the ward went to church for the first time since ive been here. i honestly didnt think that shed ever go... but she did =) this was one of the happiest parts of my mission =)

2) we have met somany people this week that are so ready to be baptised. my work here is to find the people who are preparedand we really havce been doing that this week!

so I really love elder fernandez. he is so awesome! he is very funny and we have been having a lot of fun together.

i seriously am so happy right now! i hope you guys can find happiness in your lives no matter what the situation! i know that we can do that throught the gospel of christ. the gospel can make us so happy. it will actually make us happier than anything else on this earth!!! i promise that =) and the best part is that it will last us eternity.

I know that this church is true and that throughthis church we have the oppertunity to recieve so much, most importantly an eternal family!

I hope you all have blessed weeks =)

Elder johnson =)


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