Saturday, August 8, 2015

January 2, 2015

Better late than never =)

Hey everyone! i hope you all had really good weeks =) mine was really awesome. Happy 2015 =)

so sorry this is coming so late this week. let me explain why =p so monday we had to go to santiago. that is like a 2 hour trip there and a 2 hour trip back. we left my houseat 4:50 because we had to be in santiago in one of the churches at 7:30. we had the chance to do what the mission callls the Visa run. when i got to the church they gave me a list of dirctions and just told me to go... so we went. I had to go all over the part of santiago Called Republica to find all of aply far and recieve all of the government documents that i needed to get my visa. so we were there all day. we got back to our sector at 6:30. we were a little late but we got back as quickly as we could. so yeah that was moneday.

on the way hjome from santiago monday night we got a phone call from our zone leaders and they said that we were going to have a conference with all of the mission and our president the next day guess where it was. yup in santiago again... but it was in a part about 2.5 hours away. we didnt have to be there until 9 30 though so we gat to sleep in another hour =p haha but the meeting was very good. if anyone felt homesick after there skype calls before the skype calls they sure didnt after because we recieved a beating (with love) in the reunion. it was really good though. the bad part was that we dfidnt get back until really late so we didnt have much time to work. the next 2 days we couldnt write again because of the new years parties. almost everywhere was closed. so that brings us to today.

so yeah i had a really good week this week and i had an amazing christmas too =) i hope you all did too!

2014 was the best year of my life. i had the oppertunity to make the best desision of my life and i am living the consequences of that decisin right now and i couldnt be more happy. the amout of growth that i have experienced this year was crazy. that all being said though i know for a fact that tjis next year is going to be even better. it will be difficult at times and there will be many trials but i know that through these trials we will have the chance to be humbled and get to know god. i am, very greatful for all of the trials that i have had in my life. withought these trials i would never be the man i am today and without the trials ive had i would never be able to help these people here know god. thank you for all of your support and the love that you have all sent me this year, it really does help.

I hope that you all remeber that if we truly are converted this year it will be the best year we have ever had no matter what happens. i love you ALL! Have a good new year =)

Elder Johnson

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