Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bad Mission Mom

I have been very bad about posting Declan's letters. He went through a phase for quite a while after Christmas where I barely got more than a couple lines from him, and I felt like there was nothing worth posting in his letters. To be completely honest, I was even a bit irritated with him because while I was hearing absolutely nothing of any worth from him about how he was doing, what he was doing, or about his mission, his girlfriend, Katie, was getting all kinds of stories and information and seemed to know all about his companions and what he was doing. She was sweet enough to pass information to me so I could enjoy some of it, but I was irritated with Declan that he wasn't including his family in that way. That seems to be when I fell off the blogging wagon. In April, actually on Declan's birthday, Katie ended hers and Declan's relationship. I had a feeling that I might start to get a little more Information in my emails once again. At first they contained a few more personal things about his feelings about the breakup, but then he started to try to do a better of a job telling us more information about what he is doing. He still is Declan, and there is not a wealth of information, but some weeks are great.I have save his letters and will play catch now.


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