Tuesday, August 11, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hello everyone =) sorry it has been so long!

Hello everyone =) i hope that youre all good! i am really well. sorry i havent been able to update you all recently. these pdays are just flying bye. we officialy only have 1 hour to use internet too so it is a little hard to get everything i want to get done, done. but today i decided i was gonna write this before i did anything else so i can help you all get filled in a little

the coast is really busy right now as im sure you can all imagine. we are getting tourists here from all over the world. seriousy we have met a lot of americans here. its really diferent here. it has been going really well though. i get along really well with my companion. we also have the perfect miture of goffiness and serious too so we are having a lot of fun and doing a lot of work. our numbers arent crazy but we are actually getting a lot done. we work very hard every day and we never let our spirits down. the weather here helps a lot with that too. is is about 15 degrees cooler here than in santiago. (celsius) i am very greatful i am here =p

this change has been going so quickly. i am so surpriseed at how quickly time seems to fly. this week i finish my first 8 months of the mission. isnt that weird? i feel wierd about it =p but i am loving every moment of it. from the baptisms to the blisters to the miracles to the days when i am exhausted it is all amazing.

i really feel like i have come to know what real conversion is for the first time in my life. the church truly is amazing. there is nothing that i love more than the gospel because it gives all of us the oppertunity to have the other most important things in this life, our families, for the eternities. i know that with all my heart and i promise you all that it is real. there is nothing i want more in this life thanan eternal family and i knowthat i will never stop at anything until that is what i get. i know this life is hard but it is soo important that we always remember that if we stay on the lords side we will never go wrong. he cant lead us astray. it is impossible. yes somtimes the things we will have to do will be difficult but they will never be more than we can handle and they will aso bring the biggest blessings that we will ever recieve here. life is not meant to be easy. but we can overcome our heardships. i have seen so many people here do exactly that and every time i see it i am amazed.

i love you all so much and i hope you sll know that is you ever need anything you can go to god. he will help us even if we have completely turned our backs on him as long as we try our hardest to keep him has our main objective in the future. have a wonderful week and may you all be blessed.

elder johnson

I bought the littlest eggs!!!!!


They are tiny!



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