Tuesday, August 11, 2015

April 20, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Hey guys I know I have been really terrible about writing lately, actually ive been really bad at writing since I left the ccm... A lot of big changes in my life have past by recently though and I promise im gonna be a lot better at it now. O also got a new camera finaly so im gonna send pictures more often too.

so this week was really good. im starting to see so many miracles here in chile. like i have seen a lot in the past but now im seeing a TON! this week i saw a very large one. We have an investigator named claudio. we started teaching him like 2 cambios ago (ive been with elder campbell for a long time =p this is our 3rd cambio togetehr) but when we first met him he didnt progress at all. he is catholic and he is very firm in his catholic beliefs. we dropped him like 2 weeks later and we didnt see him for a long time. well about 2 weeks ago we saw him in the street again. he had been in santiago for about a month so we hadnt seen him in a long time. well he told us to come by his house agin so the next week we had nothing to do and passed by his house. we then beganone of the most spiritual lessons ive had here. he had a huge change of heart... like HUGE! the first time we taught he talked a ton and tried to fight everything that we said. this time he just sat and listened very closely. there were times where he definitely wanted to go straight to the bible and fight us but it was like something was holding him back. he would go for the book and then just stop and listen. we taught him about the restoration and let a BOM for him to read that night and then came back 3 days later. we got there and found a wonderful surprise. He read a ton of the Book that night and the next couple of days. he loves it. he knows that it is true and that it is another testimate of christ. he also now has a testimoney of the profet joseph smith. he knows that he was a profet and that god called him to restore the gospel and the church here in the earth. he also has a testimoney of the church. he read alma 32 about the seed and fruit. he realized that the church of jesus christ of later day saints is the only church or Tree that has fruits. it was an amazing change. he is now preparing to be baptized the 9th of may. the lord really changed his heart and he now is ready to let the gospel in.
The lord really has been blessing us a lot here lately. i hope that you all have the opertunity to see his hand in your life every day because i promise it is a life changing experience. I love you all and i hope that you all have very good weeks! And please remeber that the word or gospel of the lord has the power to change hearts and help us more than we can ever imagine.
Love elder johnson
P.S. pictures are Coming

He accidently put hot sauce on his fries instead of ketchup
Service selfie at the house that burnt down

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