Tuesday, August 11, 2015

March 9, 2015

Another week gone!

Well this week went really quickly. seriously really quickly. it felt so long in some moments but now i have no idea where it went. im sorry that i suck at writing... i am working on figuring it all out. ill do better next week!


(Hey i would love to hear from the fam next week! id really appreciate it if you could all write me for a sunday activity every once and a while! I know youre all busy and that you all have your own activities going on but it be nice to here from everyone every once and a while! i love you all =) sorry my letters have been so crappy. our president is really cutting down n email time bwecaue we have some people that mis use it here. i will do better next week. ill do that first =)

love elder johnson)


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