Saturday, August 8, 2015

January 19, 2015

First week of the cambio =)

Hello everyone =) i hope that you all had amazing weeks. i dont have too much to say. i just want to keep you all up on my life. Elder campbell is my new companion and we are getting along sososososo well. we are really good friends already and we love having fun while we work so it is awesoem.

we also have a cool new project to work on these next couple of weeks.... i am now the elders quorum president in the ward in san antonio. elder campbell is my 1st counselor. i have no idea what that means yet but we will figure out wont we =P haha i am very exciterd to start working with this new callig though. its gonna be a blast. so you can all refer to meas president elder johnson now =)) haha jk =p but yeah my life is awesome and i love the oppertunity i have to be here to searve and help the people =) i know that this church is true and i know that if we put god first in our lifes 100% of teh hard decisions we have to make in this life will already be made for us. he cant and wont ever lead us astray.

i hope you all have really good weeks =)

Elder Johnson

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