Tuesday, August 11, 2015

March 30, 2015

Como estan?

hello everyone! i just want to update you really fast on something that happened this week. so the house of someone in my ward burnt dawn this last thursday. we had the oppertunity to go in and help him clean evrything up so they can rebuild it all. as the elders quorum president i am in charge of organizing a lot the reconstruction. i am very thankful for my calling and the oppertunity i have to help the people here. i have learned so much in the time that i have been the president. it really is amn amazing calling and it can be very difficult and time consuming if done correctly. i definitely have a lot of respect for everyone that has this calling. i am greatful for the opertunity the lord has give me to learn all of these things here on the mission =)

Elder Johnson

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