Saturday, August 8, 2015

January 12, 2015


Hello everyone =) i hope you all have had a good week =) this week is dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn CAMBIO WEEK. and guess what. i came home with another new companion this week =p and fore those that are countg this is my 6th companion in my 6th cambio of the mission. i am officialy the worst companion in the mission... all of my companions just dont want to be with me so they all get rid of me really fast =p hahaah jk. but yeah so my new companion is named elder campbell and he is from utah. he is the other missionary that my trainer trained or he is the other son of my father. yes that makes us brothers=p he has like 4 and a half months more in than i have. he is awesome. i sirved with him a little in my first zone (Ochagavia). he was there with me.

so i dont know if you all remember elder mertz but he was my companion in the MTC. well after the mtc we served in the same ward for 3 cambios and lived in the same house. then i left him there to come here. well this cambio he followed me and now we share a ward again. he just cant stand to be away from me for too long =p haha

so this week was really good. it was really hard though. a lot of the people from our sector are gone durign the weekends. they all go to the beach but we had the chancce to see some miracles too. we had the chance to find and teach a man that is very very prepared for us to teach him. he seriously is so ready. we got him to go to church this last week and he also went to go see a baptism that the other elders in our ward had. we also got a man that hasnt gone to church in over 20 years go to the baptism with his son who is an investigator =) so yeqah it was an awesoem week and i hoe you all had awesome weeks too!


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