Tuesday, August 11, 2015

April 27, 2015

Wow, another week gone by!

Hello everyone! how are all of you? I am doing really well. this week was an amazing week. We worked really hard. The lord really is blessing us so much and if he desires it, we will have 2 baptisms this week!

Just ahead of time sorry but there will not be pictures this week. we arent at the usuall cyber that we use and this one is terrible. the internet is slow and there isnt a place to put usb.. but next week!

so a lot of things happened this week. we had like 4 days of divisions so i barely worked with elder campbell. it was really wierd. you really get used to someone after 4 months of being together. but it was cool to lead a sector for almost an entire week. im a lot better at taking directions though =p haha

I really feel like my faith increased a lot this week. a lot of crazy events happened. we were teaching one guy and i really got a feel for the way god feels for him.he is less active and a lot of tragic things have happened to him in the last 10 years. i really felt his sorrow. ive been really trying to understand my investigators and less actives more and ive been praying for a lot of help toi be more humble and open to the spirit too. well my answer was heard this day because i felt what he was feeling. the spirit helped me feel his sorrow. it was crazy. it took all the force that i had not to just break down and start crying in that moment. i definitely did when we left though. i had to go back to the apartment after so that i could just pray. ive never felt that way in my life before. it was crazy. im so thankful for the hope that we have in our lives through the gospel. life would be terrible without it. i hope you all can remember that and i hope that you sll call look for that hope every day so you never have to feel the way that i felt in that moment. it was an amazing humbling experience for me.

I love you all and i hope that you all remember how much god loves you too. he is here for you and he always will be.

Love Elder Johnson

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