Tuesday, August 11, 2015

March16, 2015

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing? I am doing really well. I am very sorry that I have been terrible at writing you all. Ive recently felt like I need to change the way that ive been doing things so I am writing you all first today.

This was a very good week. we are working really hard right now. we are currently working very strongly with about 9 peopeland 4 are gonna be baptseed this weekend if everything goes to plan. we are atleast gonna have 2. we are just waiting on a few little things from the other people to make sure they are ready.

The coast is so beautiful. today we hadan activity in a huge forest about 30 minutes walking distance from the ocean. it was a lot of fun. its good to get out and just take in nature sometimes.

so i have recently started studying by topic here instead of just reading my scriptures. i know easter is coming up soon so ive been studying a lot about the atonement of jesus. it is a lot more than most of us think that it is. i would love to encourage all of you to study it a lottle more because it really is a huge miracle. i promise that as you all learn about the atonementyou will see huge changes in your life.

alright i have to go! i love you all!

Elder Johnson

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